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Swim for Sight
Swim for Sight

How it Started

Upon meeting at the United States Junior Chamber National Jaycee Meeting in Nashville, fellow 2015 TOYA (Ten Outstanding Young Americans) recipients, U.S. Olympic Swimmer, Missy Franklin, and Omaha Ophthalmologist, Dr. Michael Feilmeier, expressed mutual respect for the commitment and passion each exhibited in their pursuit to help others.

Learning of Dr. Feilmeier’s work to champion needless blindness Missy expressed an interest in accompanying Mike someday on an outreach. This sparked the creation of Swim For Sight as way in which Missy could help Dr. Feilmeier raise awareness and funding to help cure blindness.

Once the program was established word of it reached U.S. Paralympic Swimmer, Brad Snyder, who intimately knows the challenges of blindness, having lost his vision after an IED explosion in 2011. Brad immediately offered his services in helping to promote Swim For Sight as well.

Missy and Brad will continue to do what they do best, swim for gold, and along the way they hope to inspire supporters to donate to Swim For Sight.

For every $25 donated to Swim for Sight, a patient living with a curable form of blindness will receive a free sight-restoring surgery ($25 covers the consumable cost of the surgery) with 100 percent of every dollar donated being used to cure blindness.

Watch Missy accept her TOYA award.

Watch Dr. Feilmeier accept his TOYA award.

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